Monday, May 08, 2006

Sub: Simple question

When you are relaxing after you think of hitting the sack and before you actually fade into sleep.

Haven't you ever reread the sent/received history of your ke-tai mails of the day, for some reason?

Today's my email history:

First of all I got an email from *#**%-chan in the afternoon.

Time: 5/7 14:44
From: *#**%
Sub: Simple question
What does "WINNIE" of
POOH is the name, right?

Time: 5/7 16:48
To: *#**%
Sub: Re: Simple question
Well actually this is the
topic I've been wondering
about for the past year.
Grammatically, Winnie is
the name and Pooh is the
common noun. Just like
Hikaru The Singer. So the
mystery is: what does
"Pooh" mean?!

Time: 5/7 16:56
From: *#**%
Sub: Re2: Simple question
Yeah yeah, that' s strange
What is Pooh?

Time: 5/7 16:57
To: *#**%
Sub: Re:Re2: Simple question
It sounds kinda dirty, huh.

Time: 5/7 17:01
From: *#**%
Sub: Re2:Re2: Simple question
It sounds somehow like Winnie
the Farter Bear...

Time: 5/7 17:06
To: *#**%
Sub: Re:Re2:Re2: Simple question
F-Farter Bear...! That sucks...!

Oh, it ends here.

( 'O')

Is - is that all? Is that all that's been recorded in my cell phone for today?

I say, this is...!
You need a lot of courage to make this public in a lot of ways...!
(But I did it (-o-) Hehehehh)
RISUKU ga aru kara koso~:sings:Tatakau hodo ni tsuyoku naru no sa~:sings:

I mean, er, rereading this myself, this total nonsense makes me exhausted, wistful and sweet.
(Exhausted, mostly)

Gotta work hard again tomorrow (*-_-*)