Sunday, May 14, 2006

Situations that make you too embarrassed to confess

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Number 1. When your friend comes home to pick you up and then walks together with you in the parking lot and gives laughs through his/her nose saying "That sort of tiny cars would be zippy, but I wonder how it is like actually."

. . . and that is about your MINI Cooper, your beloved car.

"Ha ha ha . . . I have no idea . . . "

What an awkward situation~! (XwX )

Number 2. When you are talking about someone not present, your friend speaks ill of that person.
. . . and that is your secret boyfriend.

"Ha ha ha . . ." (no protection, you just pray that the subject soon changes)

Whoa~, what an awkward situation~! (XwX )

Number 3. When you are introduced to someone you don't know and you put on your superb best-first-impression smile*saying "Nice to meet you! *(*^o^*)," then you are told "Er, uh, my name is *#%, I worked with you once on @#& project."
And somehow you pretend to remember the person like " . . . Oh! Yes! We had a hard time~!"

(you are full of wanting your best-first-impression smile back)

What an awkward situation~! (XwX )

Number 4. When you come to Tetris talk during recess at your junior high and someone goes "I heard some real geeks use both A and B buttons to control the direction of rotation and stuff~" "Ooh~, that's gross!" "Those geeks must be gloomy, just playing games all the time!" "Ahahahahahh"
. . . and that's a very basic skill of playing Tetris for you.

"Hahaha . . aha . . . "

You just can't come out! (XwX )

I have some bitter memories like that with Tetris. But . . .

I'm not that Hikaru anymore! I don't care about people's eyes!
I just wanna share my joy in having got Tetris DS with all of you in this world!

So, I've got Tetris DS!! O(^o^)O Yaaa---y!!!

Alright! I'm gonna play it till my thumbs fall off, yes!!!

I'm so happy that I placed the unopened Tetris DS all over the studio and took pictures of it(I don't know what I'm doing now)

Here we go! :the best-first-impression smile:*(*^o^*) I'll tell you what it's like, after playing it!