Monday, May 15, 2006

Oh My Pajama . . .

In the message of two days ago, I wrote that sometimes I go out in pajamas. And that nobody actually notices me.

Then I got this email*

"I heard my friend say that he/she saw Utada Hikaru was walking around in pajamas."

( 'O')

( 'O') OH MY

( 'O') PAJAMA . . . ! ! !

. . . I assumed that nobody would notice me, as I caught nobody's eye and no one called to me either.

. . . So this means everyone turned a blind eye to me . . .

Sir!! Could this be what's called "misconception"? (-o-)

Oh boy. So what you don't know can't hurt you. You got me! ( -_-) Ha ha ha ha.

I'll be more cautious next time*

. . . or why don't you just stop going out in pajamas first of all? (lol)

Hmm, say the smell of natto is all over me. Some may have stuck to my hair or something. (That happens sometimes, you know . . .)

Okay honey, I'll take a shower first then*I'll be right back*:glamorous moaning:*
I just tried to say it in a sexy way, but I smell natto right now.
( -_-) Ha ha ha ha.

. . . What am I doing here, having my office pay for the high server cost:slumps down: