Saturday, May 13, 2006

Situations that make me think "I, I may be tired . . .?"

Number 1. The day that doors or walls keep hitting my shoulders.
(I don't mind it from like the 3rd time)

That happens. ('-' )(._. )('-' )(._. ) *nodding head*

Number 2. When I look up at the sun and think "Ooh what a beautiful moon tonight."
(It makes me feel good for a moment)

That happens. ('-' )(._. )('-' )(._. ) *nodding head*

Number 3. When staring at the cell phone screen then my eyes start to wander, and my one eye is in focus at ca. 1M away and the other eye is barely watching the blurry screen before I know it.
(But I can still read words and such)

That happens. ('-' )(._. )('-' )(._. ) *nodding head*

Number 4. When I can't understand the meaning of words and images in a manga then reread the same page a couple of times, but my brain cannot process information at all and I end up giving up and shutting the manga.
(Having this when reading "Death Note" is less *dangerous* than reading "Lunatic Zatsugidan")

That happens. ('-' )(._. )('-' )(._. ) *nodding head*

Number 5. When I go straight to bed after getting home, then wake up next morning and remember it that I've waken up once at midnight and uploaded a message half asleep, then check the content in a rush.
(It really scares me*)
(Actually "Late-night English lesson" of the day before yesterday is the one)

Number 6. When I've gone to work with my pajamas on.
(I don't care if someone says "You look like someone escaped from the hospital . . .")
(Could be very *dangerous* if I start thinking "Why shouldn't we go out in pajamas?""What's wrong with pajamas?")

That happ

That doesn't happen ! ! ! (lol)

But that really happens to me! (-..-) !snort! (Why be arrogant)
You say someone could notice me outside? It seems I look like a mad woman or poor fish or both of them, so actually nobody notices me because it's like people consider me as someone they shouldn't see! (Maybe I'll post this to "Trivia no Izumi") (Mom, I just heard the voice say "Don't do it . . . " in my head*)

There's no twist ending at all. /(-_-)/

And yesterday, I had quite a lot of energy! Got a problem with that?

I was trippingly skipping in the studio corridor which made someone walking past me scared; I jumped up trying to touch the sign and stuff like that hanging from the ceiling; I waved a weapon sparkling my eyes(cause it was just there) (something that looked like a saw); I had big fun with others by saying things like "Let's role-play Cat's Eye!"(I played Ai-chan because of my haircut)

Whoa . . .

Gotta say I really wasted my strength! (lol)

(^o^) Bwa ha ha !!!

Please don't even think that I'm paying the studio charge just to do stuff like that* My motto is not to be stingy with that sort of thing. I always give it my all. There's no waste in this world, if you could think of everything as a waste.

Is it okay if I finish this up here? Alright, that's all for now!


So, the above message is the one I thought I uploaded first.

Number 7, the additional one. When somehow the content of the message I've uploaded is gone and ends up something like a silent call.
(this one, of all the messages)
I, I may be tired . . . :slumps down: