Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Situations that made me think "I escaped death . . ."

Today's stories may sound a little radical to some of you!
That's why I'm writing this in the midnight while good boys and girls are asleep, considering educational problems. (Yeah that's right, I fell asleep right after I got home and just woke up now)

Number 1. Last year. I thought of chilling out by lighting some aroma candles with nice scents in my bedroom, so I lit them up and shook out the match wildly to put out fire then the match slipped out of my hand and flew off to somewhere. I thought "Where is it?" and looked over my shoulder, then found my futon quilt was burning.
I hit at it desperately with my pillow and put out fire*

(cough cough)

Number 2. When I was 21. I was taken a blood sample during a checkup and one week later I got a call saying "Please come to our hospital quickly." Gosh this is my first time! What's wrong? - I thought and went to the hospital, and they said "Er . . . Utada-san, It seems like you have not received a measles shot yet . . . "

( '  .  ' ) Huh?

"I think you'd better have it immediately, so I already have it available here today. Would you like to have it?

( '  .  ' ) Oh . . . Yes, I'd like to have it.


Eh?????!!! :gasp: What? Wait a minute!! So I hadn't received a measles shot yet, right?? What's goin' on! Isn't that required by law? (Kaasan Doushite~* Aw, it's no joke. Why, mother? (T 0 T ) )

So? Does it mean that the reason why I could survive without measles despite a lack of immunity was because anyone around me had been vaccinated and no one had spread pathogen? Is that right, Mr. Watson?

I finally got a measles shot of my dreams* (Congratulations, Hikaru-chan!)
It had been a funny story for us for a while, but I had sealed it once because my dad had become seriously deflated and I thought I'd better stop talking about it. Now I unsealed it*

I had a lot of transfers and movings at the age when I was supposed to receive vaccinations and such and it was hard to ask doctors to issue a vaccination certificate and to submit it each time, so my parents asked our neighbor doctor to write a certificate randomly. Ha ha ha . . . it's really a "Like father, like daughter" case.

I, I'm alive (TmT) I'm lucky*

Number 3. When I was 10. The moment I tried to cross the street with no crosswalks, I was hit by a truck and got knocked off about 10M in the air with a thud. (I never forget that shock)

Luckily, I broke some bones and that's all.
I could've been dead if the timing had been 0 point something seconds off. Lucky me* (?)

Number 4. When I was 15. I was hit by a truck again. Hehehe. "I'm a diehard type girl," that's what I thought soon after the hit. ( -.-)

Number 5. When I was -1 week. There was no sign of my birth although it was almost 1 month past the due date, which was December 25th.
Luckily, the caesarean operation was very successful.

I, I was born (TmT) I'm lucky*

Seems like I've still got 4 lives left in my quick calculation, huh? Gotta value them all!

Please value electricity and your lives too*
o (*^-^*) o