Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Please read the last *"I escaped death" message* if you haven't

Someone who thought I gave birth to a baby when reading "I was born about 1 month past the due date" part at the very bottom of my yesterday's message, sent a "Congratulations!" email to me.

('o' ) Oh my Guts Ishimatsu!

It's me who was born! - this sounds weird(lol) That's about the time when I was born! Aww~!
o(- . - o) :ponpon:

Also, it seems like some of you found it a bit surprising that I had been hit by trucks twice.

The second time was some time before my debut. I joined the track club though my school had no playground, so I had to go to Kinuta Park at a distance by bicycle. You know, I can't ride a bicycle~!! (lol)

On the day one of the club I learned that I had to ride a bicycle and found some dangerous roads like 246 were also on the route. I thought I would die for sure if I biked beside those roads on which heavy trucks and such drove like fury, so I rode on the back of the bicycle of a girl called Bonnie, standing on my legs.

Then just before we got to the park, my sneakers slipped.

(  ' o ') . . . Huh? Why am I backing away from Bonnie's back?


"Hikaru----!!! Oh My Guts Ishimatsu!" (Bonnie didn't say it actually)

"Hikaru-!!! Oh my god! Are you alright! Oh no!! You're bleeding!!!"

So, I ran for 2 hours in Kinuta Park, bleeding from both my elbows and both my knees, on the day one of the track club in a bright sunshine and green trees* (I take this opportunity to apologize to the family on a picnic and dating couple who were surprised to see me. I'm sorry! Hehe*)

Having learned from the day one experience, I borrowed my senior's bicycle ready to die, and tried to ride a bicycle on public roads for the !first! time. (Does it really mean I have learned from the experience?)

It's often said that children who can't swim become capable of swimming in fear of their life if they are pushed into a pool, and that's exactly the case for me.

The following are all my screams in my heart, unspoken:
"(Eeeeeeeek!! I feel the wind blast from cars in my cheeks!)" "(I, I'm gonna be killed!)" "(Dad and mom thank you for raising me up until today!)" "(Nooo! Here comes the turn! I don't know how to turn!)"

I barely managed to ride a bicycle with my hands in a cold sweat, almost slipped off the grip. Human potential, or life force, is just amazing - the moment I was about to cross the road thinking like that, a small truck struck me from the side like:

! ! POW ! !

Luckily I was undamaged, only my senior's bicycle got twisted up, but the driver ran away without checking my safety!
That hurts, that hurts a lot!
o(- . - o) :ponpon:

(Later I apologized to my senior and paid for damage)

On that day I ran for 2 hours in Kinuta Park, briskly.

I really don't know if I'm lucky or unlucky, but anywayz I've gotta be more careful! It's often said that what happens twice will happen thrice, though . . . No! I gotta be positive! It's also often said that third time does it -

Does it mean I'll be dead next time?
('o' ) Oh my Guts Ishimatsu! (- overuse)

I'll watch out for myself so that nothing will happen next time!!

I always put on some music without English or Japanese voices in the background while writing messages, and today I somehow chose Mozart's Requiem.

I played it just as I like it but it fits today's theme! (-^*b)

For your information, here is what I, who don't use "ponpon" in the real world but keep using "virtual ponpon" here, usually do when I'm angry:

"Ewwww. This sucks, I go home now! o(-_-o )"

That's what I say.

It's my favorite lately and I get angry on my own for nothing just to say "This sucks, I go home now!"

Oh, time to go to work. Gotta get ready for it! I'm still in pajamas and haven't washed my face yet!