Sunday, May 21, 2006

"Ponpon!" test report

Yaaay! I got a test report of "Ponpon!" so quickly!

Thanks-beam!! (  . _ .)--------* *feeeep*

Let me show it to you right away!

Test condition: a woman living in Kanagawa(age 25), against her husband who is so into playing FF

Test result: "LOL, what is that!? Why are you angry, making like a raccoon dog? (lol)"

Hmmm . . . Is this . . . considered to be a case of success? (as she made him laugh, at least) Yes! this is a success!
This sure is! o(- . -o):ponpon:

Uh-oh, I just did ponpon for nothing. I've gotta be very careful about the use of ponpon! That said, all works are to be independent after being offered to the world*

Er, but, it seems she got a high favorability rating! Lucky her! (Really?)

So, you ask me if I tried it yet? No way, not if I can help it!

Damn you!! (  -_-)=))XoX((=(-_-  ) You dork!!