Saturday, May 20, 2006

"Punpun!" is an old word already!

You know, words always keep changing their meaning with the times, just like all living things.

It just amazes me that "itookashi" meant "very very cute" in the past. If you translate it in current Japanese it would be like:

"itookashi" = "terawarosu w"

You know what I mean(*^-^*)

So! Hey you, over there! Don't you think that it's about time we renew those words like "punpun!"? After looking at it in various ways, I thought this could be a nice one:

"Punpun!" to be revised to read:

"Ponpon! (with tapping on your belly with your fist)"


"Damn! That hurts, @#. Ponpon! (with tapping on your belly with your fist)"

*What you have to be careful of is to keep your whole movement small and sweet. Don't do it in a big and strong manner. Keep your up-and-down motion of tapping crisp, like a wriggling small animal. It would be even better if you could make a fist with your other hand. (Don't you think I could be a women's magazine writer?)

Check it out! Here we go*

Damn it! That hurts, @#-kun.
o(- . -o) Ponpon! (:tapping your belly with your fist:)

See? What do you think? Huh? I say this looks definitely cute! Just try it! Try it looking at you in a mirror! First set the output of cuteness at 20 percent of Sato Tamao san! I'm pretty sure @#-kun will give you a big hug and get in love with you! (You'd have a disaster if you failed, though*)

Actually this is still a theoretical storyline and has not yet been conducted by human beings. Volunteers wanted!! Waiting for your responses! (-^*b)

(You go first * me)

(Er . . . You know, I don't feel my best today, so . . . * me)

(Phew. Daring things are just in my imagination(Daitan na koto wa souzou suru dake) . . . ( ' - ') * me)

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"punpun" ... imitative word to express the state of anger