Friday, May 19, 2006

Have you heard of "Gyarusaa"?

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Here it is! Cookies everywhere as far as the eye can see!

K-oneetama, the photographer, came to the studio with her homemade cookies!
:mumble: :mumble: . . . Wow! (-native pronunciation)

Oh yes! It's delicious! (-native pronunciation again)
Hmmm~*:mumble: :mumble: It's been years since I last had a cookie*

In the meantime, yesterday I learned the meaning of the word "Gyarusaa" by chance. That's the word you sometimes hear lately.

It's like, it means Gal Circle. Hmm . . . I see . . . Gal Circle . . .

I mean, I thought the "saa" part would mean "sir"(polite form of address to a man) of "Aye aye, Sr!" or "Yes, Sir!".

So I thought the word was born as an antonym of "Oyaji-gyaru," I mean, it would be derived like: "Gyarusaa" = "Gyaru-oyaji" = "Oyaji that has the characteristics of Gals" . . .

For example, I imagined someone like who was Oyaji but could type ke-tai mails super fast; or used Gyaru-moji basically; or wore dark-blue knee socks of Polo under suit trousers . . .

Er, yeah. You wouldn't find too many of such Oyajis, come to think of it (or perhaps none of them)

Hmm I feel painful a little( . _ .)
Parting always comes out of the blue, Sir . . .

:W(T _ T)weeeep: Good bye Gyaru-oyaji, thank you for being with us, for a short period of time.

Hey Hikaru! Why do you cry out! You know Gyaru-oyaji will keep alive in your heart, don't you?! Gyaru-oyaji will laugh at you if you keep crying with a face like that!

. . . Lemme finish this around here for today, as this is starting to get out of control. I'll leave it to you for now:slumps down: