Monday, May 01, 2006

Shampoo Shock

Not Oil Shock, but Shampoo Shock.

I've been staying not at my home in NY but in a hotel at a distance for the past week, on some business thing.

Oh yeah, I'm a professional hotel stayer. My life goes as usual since I live in hotels more often than my home, I'd say.

I don't bring a lot of stuff with me to the hotel as they've got everything, but here I have my favorite shampoo and conditioner with me, as always!

And I use the hotel's body wash and body lotion. That's my strategy. This hotel has very good ones, which I really love~. I'll take the rest home* Hehehe.

Phew~, I got up early this morning, I'll take a hot shower as nice and easy as I like.

Oh, it feels so good*
It's like, my daily stress and fatigue are washed away . . .

.:*:.(*'-')Hum hum hmmm?

I feel like Shizuka-chan . . . whoof*

Alright let's wash me down with the body wash*


( ' O')

"SHAMPOO" . . . ?

( ' O')


The seven letters "SHAMPOO" printed in bold on the thing, which I've rubbed all over my body for the past week believing it's the body wash!

Sir! I don't know why but I feel very sad!!(xOx)

. . . it wouldn't be harmful to the body as it's for washing one's hair, but how come, why am I so shocked like this. (Kaasan doushite~:sings:Ahh~:sings:)

It's just that, I really don't quite get it. (;_;) :sniffs:

(TOT) :weeeep: Give my youth back to me~!