Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Aiko, kushin, did that sound weird?

Thank you for all your comments and opinions about Aikokushin(patriotism)!
It's pretty interesting~.

A college girl-san who had been in America until she was 5 says:
"What I love about Japan is that you can have very good food"

Saaamme Here!! Japanese foods taste so good!!
That's what everybody says. It's cute that someone who can't speak Japanese says things like "Hey, please send me Tonkatsu Sauce and Shigekix!!" (lol)

From a father who has a 3 years old son I received this comment:
"I lurve Japan!! Shinkanchen(Shinkansen) is cool!!"
(^ not exactly from the father, but from his 3 years old son(lol))

If the question "What is Aikokushin?" makes you think what you love about your own country, that's very nice.

I myself thought about it too.

Perhaps it all boils down to "What is love?".

It could be "Not to abandon" . . . that's what I think now.

Ooooohh!! Right at this very second, the walls are shaking with creaking sound!!
The ground is dancing!
(XoX )( XoX) Eeeeeee

Oh, it's over now.

An earthquake just hit Tokyo. (' - ' )