Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Music talk, a common one

Long long ago.

A little before an old bamboo cutter . . . no, iTunes becomes super-active in my life ---

Utada-no-Hikaru had been listening to Garbage's "Version 2.0" and Richard Ashcroft's "Alone With Everybody" day and night until the CDs could be broken.

Back to the recent past.

When Hikaru was getting her CDs in order at home, those 2 good-old, glorious and dusty albums appeared right in front of her eyes!

Oooh what a cute little child x
Woow, sweet memories!! Gotta listen to them immediately! o

That way I listened to those albums after a long time. I knew I love them so much!!!! Of course I ripped them into iTunes.

Each of them has an incredibly-favorite song for me. "You Look So Fine" in Garbage's, and "I Get My Beat" in Richard Ashcroft's.

These could be the same type of song I guess? Like the point that the casual bass refrain, from the electric guitar that has a little rough sound, turns me on around the bottom-line part . . .

I may have a weak spot for this kind of music (*- -*) :blush:

Most of all, that way of singing the word "soul" at around 0:55 of "I Get My Beat" . . . Woow, I just listened to it to check the number of seconds and it gave me goose bumps already!
Can't resist! (*-.-*) :pant pant:

Oh no, it's like my inner kinkyness can't be held back any longer, gotta wrap up the talk and take off at the speed of Ultraman with blinking the red light in his chest.

See ya! (*^-^*)/ (wrapped up nothing)