Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A new beverage?

(a photo is uploaded. please check her official site)

Today a bit happy and a bit sad thing occurred in the studio.

There is this vending machine in the studio that serves tea, cold chocolate and such in a paper cup.

Basically I just drink water and black coffee, so I've never thought of buying anything from it for these past 7 years even though I've walked pass it numerous times or looked at the assortment of drinks in a daze.

I was hungry because I'd forgot to eat breakfast this morning, so I thought of refueling myself with some sweet drink, got a thousand yen from my dad(I had no money . . .) and then bought one from that vending machine! The cold one, called "Gyuunyuuyasan(milkman)'s Coffee."

The last time I drank things like this was when I was an elementary student! - with thinking like that I took a sip delicately.

( ' O')

Y Y Y Yummmmmmy~~~!!

It filled my esophagus and around the bottom of my stomach with gentle happiness

As I wanted to explain this joy to the people around me, I excitedly said:

"Gugohh, gaa, th-this tastes so gooooooood!! Gyuuyuu-milk? Nah, Milk-gyuunyuu!! I mean it!"

( '-' ) ( '-' ) ( '-' ) ( '-' ) ( '-' ) ( '-' ) ( '-' )

( ^-^)? . . . Huh?

"It's Coffe-milk isn't it, Hikaru-chan"

( ' O')

"'Milk-gyuunyuu" means "Milk-milk"(lol)"

Eeeeee! Absolutely!
You dork:attacks:
This gotta be a bad joke or something that could bring the staff down! - that's what I wanted to tell myself. I'm serious.

It's like, this kind of thing always happens to me . . . :slumps down:

Oh, you ask me what "a bit happy" thing is?
Someone told me that I could get drinks just by pressing the buttons of that vending machine, without feeding it.

Congratulations to me! I can drink as much Milk-gyuunyuu as I like anytime from now on! /(TmT) :slap: