Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I've been found quite easily and got tons of messages, which blue - nah, blew me away~!

I didn't think such a lot of people would find me within this little time
(_x_x)_ Eeeek

So are there much more people with time to kill than I thought . . . x

What a lucky person I am . . . o

When you think about it carefully, you realize that those people with a similar name might've got loads of mails too! (T o T) Aaaghh
... and that you might cause those two on my friends list trouble??(T o T) Aagghhh

I just did the resignation thing in a hurry, as soon as I realized this. (:cold sweats:)
(I am so sorry if I troubled you!!!) (I'm such a dork . . . gah . . . yes I am . . .)

That said, thank you for all who tried to find me! :gets wet with tears: I'm very pleased~. I did the resignation after I read all your messages!

Tonight I go to sleep reading "Into a Black Sun" by Kaiko Takeshi. Good night & so sorry for all the fuss.
(T o T) Aaaaaggh