Tuesday, April 11, 2006


The other day in the studio, I brought this up - "Do you know MIXI?"

We the staff see each other only at work, and don't know one another's personal e-mail address or anything. It is still a precious personal contact with humans for me, who's almost never hung out this year 2006. (T__T)

Holy crap all of them are already a member of mixi. (I've just had 2 consecutive sneezing fits for the first time in my life!!!! Wooooot!!)

So I assume you all who are reading here may know it, right? It's a huge interactive communication space on the web.
I joined it last year invited by my best friend girl, with no background info on it. At first I was like "Okay . . . (what's interesting about it?)"as I had no interest in that sort of thing, then what changed my mind all at once like "What! No kidding? Yes Yes I'll join it I'll be in it!!" was . . .

My best friend: "There's this community that everyone talks with each other by using only the words in 'Ina-chu'."

('o' )Hmguaaahhhhhhh INVITE ME!

That way I joined it to talk to my close friend, who'd been keeping frequent touch with me, on the message board that was allowed to use only the words in the manga called "Ike! Inachuu Takkyuubu(Go! Inachuu Ping-Pong Club)."

But seems like it just isn't the thing for me, the introvert me who feels a little disgusted at the sound of the words "Social Networking," and the number of accesses remains at a two-digits level so far . . .

There are only two on my friends list?sorta thing in mixi. I'm not interested in increasing the list at all . . . nor am I utilizing the diary thing at all . . . sorta annoyed by those community news mails . . . I'm thinking of resigning any time now.

So, If you are a member and just have tooooooo much time on your hands, then you can try to find me just before my resignation. Or you can send me a message or something.
Wonder if such a person with much time to kill really exists.

Though half of my screen name is a fake, I believe other profile data is basically true. Perhaps you can find me in a minute.

Incidentally, last week Kiriya-kun finally learned about mixi, and kicked at me who had joined it ages ago, like "Huh? Why didn't you invite me earlier? ( T O T )"

Good luck to all the secretive wives in the world. (o_o)