Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bookstores on rainy days / rain on Book Day

I love bookstores on rainy days.

Tailors or other neat shops - I'd be afraid of messing them up; cafes - could be dark and make me depressed, which I wouldn't like; CD shops - they've generally got too much smooth surfaces like plastics, that could make me dizzy(smooth surfaces everywhere in the wet outside too, so that's an overdose of smoothness for me!).

The sweetest thing is that the scent of books, which is my favorite, fills the store due to damp~!

(-oo-) :oink: :oink: :sniff sniff sniff:

Would be kinda yucky if there were someone like this around you.
(And I am someone just like this . . .)

Papers, that have water as an natural enemy, are protected by the roof; you come close to the water on other shoppers' shoes or coat - all those kind of things just attract me~.
(^~^) :drools:

Haven't you ever been frightened by the clear sound from the wet shoes, as bookstores are generally quiet places?

I wonder if I'm a kinky girl who finds eroticism in bookstores on rainy days(*- -*)