Thursday, April 27, 2006

Girl poor at KA row

Last month, my new weakness was found while recording a song.

Producer M: "Hey Hikaruu, "KA row" means much in the lyrics of this part, so try to sing keeping it in your mind"

Singer U: "Alrighty"

. . . then went on to the next take. However.

:sings: "Katt?@%#Katts, Ka . . @&Kats . . . Ke@#ki*%@Ki~da . . . "

. . . huh?

Kieeeeehh!! (*_*) This is hard!!! KA row is pretty tough to pronounce!

I tend to stress vowels more which causes a lack of attack to "k" even though I'm trying to sing "k~" words clearly!

Well, I did my best and the singing went well after all. It's just that, I sorta have a slight lisp in my pronunciation of Japanese, you know what I mean. I'm aware my pronunciation is a bit off though . . . I was caught off guard by an unexpected difficulty.

Come to think of it, what made me a huge fan of Sekine Tsutomu san's was that I heard him on TV saying his name was "Kan, Kon, Kin" in the Chinese-style reading . . .

The writer Kaiko Takeshi, whose works have been fascinating me lately, is "Kai, Kou, Ken" if read in the Chinese-style reading . . .

This got lengthy, but the point is I am a girl who is poor at "KA row" for a number of reasons.

Well, that's just about it . . .

Alright then, I'll arrange Baikin-man's parting shot for today -

Ka KiKu KeKo~! (^o^)