Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Juuuust in time ! ! ! (Cho--- giri ! ! !)

It's not Giri for "obligation," but for "last-minute"!

Let me get straight to the point, cuz just 10 minutes left till the date change!

My new album is almost wrapped up!

Gyaaaahhhh hhhooooooooooo ! ! ! ! !

- typing those passionate sounds with the keyboard, I'm just staring expressionlessly at the computer screen in pajamas actually.
(*showing my touch-typing skill casually*)

The reason why I wanna upload this before the date change is, that today I was thinking in a daze all day long, "why have I not been updating my site in ages like this?".

So I thought about uploading something, or whatever it is, daily for 10 days from today(Wednesday).

I mean, I decided to do so ! ! !

I think I can make it ! ! Yes I can ! There's no such word as "impossible" in my dictionary . . . sometimes there might be, but I believe I can make it, at least !

Anywayz let's challenge it, here we go !