Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Stuck and Walking around

H-H-H-Hi! It's been a long time!
(^ It's been such a long time that I'm not making any sense)

A-A Happy New Year!
(^ might be the latest new year greeting in the world~hehehe *blushes* )
(Don't be silly)

Aw, I'm sorry for not writing in ages. This is not good, It's like I completely forgot how to write regularly!
(Sounds a little like someone else's problem)

How's it going? (-_-) Hehe.

As for myself, lately I've been . . .

Stuck ! ! ! ! ! Stuck in the room, literally! *yells*
That's what's often said in the writer industry. Life on the cliff-edge, stuck in the room under deadline!

Writing lyrics, writing lyrics and writing lyrics . . . then writing music, writing music for a change . . . then enjoying talks with a teddy bear or taking a nap for a change . . . jumping to my feet and writing lyrics . . . commuting to the studio . . . singing and singing . . . turning cartwheels for the first time in 16 years for some reason, in my spare time using a large space in the studio (doing it so sudden and almost hurting my right shoulder(lol)) . . . back home and writing music, writing music . . . going to bed, waking up and taking a walk . . . back home and writing lyrics, writing lyrics . . .

That's the way my life's been lately.
Yes . . . I'm in the midst of making my album ! ! *yells*

The day before yesterday - or something like that? I had an interesting thing happen when I dropped in at a convenience store halfway through my walk. Well, life is always full of interesting things and I think "How exciting the world is!", but it's too bad my excitement cannot be explained to others in words most of the time! What if I write here all that sort of thing. I might give it a try. (lol)

Aww, almost got off the track. Let's go back to the interesting episode on the day before yesterday @ the convenience store.

While standing near the place where drinks are displayed, I heard something clattering. "Is it coming from here?" Hikaru thought, and looked into the two-lines blank hole. Then holy smoke, two shining dots were there deep in the dark hole.
. . . Glasses! A face! A human! A young guy!
I was eye to eye with the store clerk displaying goods!
It's like - the clerk guy looks stunned! What's this intense atmosphere. He looks very surprised! (or rather, scared?)
So - I don't know why but I . . .

. . . gave a grin *blushes*

. . . which probably would look so creepy.
As I was also wearing glasses, I thought like I was gonna flash him my heartthrob smile with love to a buddy, but seems like it turned out to be a weird smile. (It's like I myself thought uh-oh and got a bit upset, so I forgot to buy a dressing for salad sold without dressing)

Sorry for surprising the store clerk. Whew. *wry smile*
He looked like a stiffened small animal, being peeked in its hiding hole by hyenas.

It's fun to walk around~! (@^o^@) *cackles*