Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hi!! Did you wait long? No I just got here too.

Phew, I almost forgot to write here, right after I brought it up. That was close, really close.

Today I did a photo shoot for the cover of my new album.
You need a very huge amount of energy to do a photo shoot. It's much easier than video shooting, though! Still, I got tired a little.
(- o -) Hehehh

During the little spare time that we have on the site, the people who have the time (such as the hairdo artist, stylist, and me) usually flip through a magazine, drink some coffee or just take a break, but today I was different from usual.

You know the check-like, pink color paper that is left untaken by the bookstore between the pages once in a while when you buy a manga, right? I found that paper and a pair of scissors on the table. For some reason I started to cut the paper.

The next thing I knew, I found myself playing paper-Tetris on the table with the Tetris pieces I cut out.

(/ ' o ')/ Oh my! What am I doing!

I thought so, and in the next breath I had already piled up 9 or more pieces neatly. Just how much I love Tetris . . . the other day I did this fortune-telling thing called "famicom fortune-telling" on the net and it came out like "if you are compared to a famicom game . . . you are Tetris." Really.

You often hear it said that the chess lovers make a set of chess pieces by themselves (by polishing stones or something) - don't you? (Or is that what the people in prison do? I think I often see it in American movies . . . )

I might be able to make my own Tetris set! Maybe I could play Tetris, if I get the materials at Hands(Tokyu Hands), make a lot of pieces and use a shoebox lid as the board. The game process would be so slow I guess, though. ( - __ - ; )

You've gotta try it if you're bored with normal Tetris*

. . . I'm sure no one would . . . (- _ -)