Friday, March 31, 2006

It's Friday night

It is Friday night.

All right, here comes today's update!
I bet you thought I'd give up in a few days! Hehehe. Well, it is still day three . . .

I might give up around tomorrow?

Perhaps I shouldn't say it myself (-_-;)

Today I did an another photo shoot and . . . I'm sorry I told you a lie yesterday! Today was the day for the cover photo shooting of my album! When the shooting started and I was told "this will be the album cover one!", I was like:

(' o ') EHH, SO THIS IS

(=I shouldn't have a blank look! Gotta look my coolest and give off my aura as much as I can!!)

So, I did my best. Got a lot of nice shots! It's hard to choose just one.

Whew. I should've noticed it wasn't the album photo shoot yesterday, by those plain outfits and the mood of the set. How come I believed it that way . . . The shoot yesterday was for what you call "A-Sha." Artist Photos. Which are to be used for magazines, press releases, websites and whatnot.

Aw I'm so tired! I've spent all my coolness and aura!! Now I just have this aura equal to a tatty old trunks. (Could be a problem as a human being)

Seems like a lot of people are drinking or boozing at hanami, farewell party or Friday night out tonight, but I go to bed after reading the volume 3 of PLUTO I just got.

As a matter of fact, I love all those tatty old trunks, pants, socks, T-shirts, and all that.

Sweet dreams*my babies, and all the tatty underwears around the world.