Monday, March 07, 2005

Many misfortunes occurring around me!

My close friend, who often appears in this diary as a "friend" or "close childhood friend" . . .

. . . got scammed on Yahoo!Auctions!!!

Oh my God! :shocked: Hagahhggghgh! Hughagahhh!

Such close person got scammed. I won't take it . . .

Actually, I have a past of finding goods that don't exist as me-related stuff or fictitious tickets (namely, things that can't be delivered) put up, asking Yahoo! to suspend those things because they are frauds or being too late to call a halt to them, several times for a while. I mean, you'd wanna stop it if you knew someone was about to be cheated, wouldn't you.

And then came this my friend's case! She's very shocked. Hope the criminal gets caught. It seems she still has lots of things to ask, like "What about the money taken?"

I wonder if many scams are still going on on those net-auction things like Yahoo!Auctions. What a hard world.

A- Anpan-ma~n (ToT) Please catch those Yahoo!Auction scammers . . .
Uh, wonder if he handles germs and breads only(;_; )Weak, you are too weak Anpan-man . . . Come to think of it, I've never seen him knocking down someone other than Baikin-man . . .
But this time around, let's say those scammers are almost like germs on the net!

Uh-oh, gotta stop now or someone would tell me "Hikki, you're like doped up" again(Did I rant enough to deserve it?)