Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A flash response!

I didn't mean to write anything here today, but among your emails I found this question that I thought I wanted to make a quick reply to, so here we go!

Here is M-chan, who let me know that she's gonna visit America(Seattle) for the first time. She's been exchanging emails with a senior high student in Seattle. She communicates with the student mainly in English. And now she's got stuck because she has no idea what to write at the beginning and end of her mail (a decent type of mail, in this case) when trying to make a reply!

The most common one could be "Hi Anna, how are you?". (Place the student's name instead of Anna, of course!) It's some casual way of greets, like "Genki?" in Japanese. I think that works fine, as you are both senior high students. It might be good too, to add "Thank you for your e-mail." or things like that.

For the closing - how about "See you soon.", if you're planning to see her in the near future?
"I'm looking forward to meeting you."(Aeruno tanoshimi ni shitemasu) would be good, if you'd like it a little more polite.
"Take care." (Ja genki dene, odaiji ni) is commonly used among those who aren't gonna see each other soon.
And of course, don't forget to add this at the very end after one or two line feed:
From, M___ (pretty normal! neutral one)
Sincerely, M___ (seems a little polite, a little smart!)
Love, M___ (an American way? with great affection)

So, that's it. Hope this may be of some help.

Go and give her your reply soon! You don't have to worry about some grammatical mistakes or diversity of common sense(like say letter writing rules), since those are part of what makes interaction between different cultures nice. She'll understand what you mean! She won't, like, mock you.

Ha Hi Hu He Ho ~ !