Sunday, March 06, 2005

It's hard to report about a live show

-but here we go! I believe I did a good show. The reaction of the people coming was pretty good too, and I'd say it was the performance that I myself was least dissatisfied ever. A lot of it was because we took on a different stage direction and tunes.

Put simply . . . just imagine me, doing a cover of my fave songs in the past concert!!(lol)(yes me, being Freddie or Ozaki . . .) It was pretty close to that. It felt good. Again I realized I didn't know "Utada Hikaru's" way to do things. It remains to be seen . . . (like the gap between my music and character, how to re-create songs for live shows, whatnot)

. . . There is definitely a difference between me who wrote the previous message and me writing this message right now.

I've got Vol.1 ~ 5 of manga "DEATH NOTE" and read through it.

What? You say "So what?" That means so much to me! I've been desperately resisting writing in the style of that manga for some time, but I can't help feeling that my writing is being eroded by "DEATH NOTE" . . . Guys reading it, you know what I mean don't you? (Am I like, I've already quitted resisting?)

This often happens right after I read manga or novels. I sometimes have troubles coming out of the characters' POV because I activate 100% of my imagination and build the world in my head. And this "DEATH NOTE." Probably it affects me much especially when I think of what to write, as it has more words for thoughts in characters' heads than for normal word balloons. Actually it doesn't affect me at all when I'm talking.

Since I've had difficulty falling asleep from my childhood, I got into my fave character of the manga or novel I loved at the time after lying down on my bed, then I fell asleep before I knew it while I was imagining the new story or plot in my head from the view of the character, with keeping the rules of original . . . I did this every night! I have no idea as I usually don't talk about things like this, but did you guys ever do the same thing?? In the past I couldn't sleep without doing this!

Aww my show report ended up a manga talk . . . Did you know that I still buy Weekly Shonen Jump whenever I'm in Tokyo . . . (I mean cuz I've been reading it since junior high) I'm wondering, would there be a few women of 22 years old who still read Jump . . . ? I buy mags like Young Jump and Big Comic Spirits too. I also get some cheesecake mags from habit. (- you know what I mean?) It's like, I know much more about those gravure-idols than boys around me . . . God I'm opening more of myself to you guys today, ain't I??? It could be because I talked about manga?? What a power, manga has!

I think I better stop now. All right.

But then again . . .
I wonder what it is that a woman is reading "DEATH NOTE" for 3 hours at a cool beauty shop in Tokyo . . .

And if you look closer, you'll find that she is Utada Hikaru . . .

Am I Okay? (^-^;) I hope so . . .