Thursday, April 15, 2004

Where is Spring!

It's cold in New York, Paris and Tokyo!!
I've been moving around from place to place but seems like it's somehow cold everywhere. I'm sure I'm not the only girl who's been waiting for Spring to come, holding her light spring coat she bought - ! "I wanna go out with this coat, I won't let it go for nothing" - there should be a number of girls thinking like this who've dared to wear the thin jacket-type coat though it's still a bit chilly! . . . Guys, let's try not to catch a cold.

Now let me tell you something that's been eating away at me lately: the reason why I don't talk about my English album thing at all!! is that, this here is Toshiba-EMI's site, you see? I'm under contract with a different record company to release my English works. Something tells me that it's strange to fill up here with those kind of talks only. Both companies won't mind it much I believe, but thinking of the future I wonder if it is OK ??

So! I've been at a loss if I should move this message section to U3music's site, launched at last the other day! Actually it won't make much difference to all of you who check here occasionally wherever on the net I post my message, just like your right next-door friend moves to your left.

What am I gonna do~. Especially cause it's (should-be) Spring~. Am I gonna move~. Move, sounds somewhat tiresome! Actually I don't have to do nothing for it, though. (lol) Of course I'll tell you right away as soon as I decide.

I can talk as much as I like when it comes to the recently released Single Collection and forthcoming single! You know, I feel like I don't need to say anything about it as the production staff of Toshiba(EMI) and Kiriya-kun are talking about things like how the single was made and inside story of it here and there instead of me, so, is that okay with you? (lol) Nope? All right.

Is it around the time that "Dareka no negai ga kanau koro"(around the time someone's wish is granted) started to be played on the radio? (um, not sure if this has a nice ring to it) Probably it would be better to talk about the song after it reached the ears of a little more of you.

As for how to write the song title, I was quite in two minds whether to end it with the hiragana "koro" or kanji "koro"! For me there are many points to check, like which looks better visually; the difference of impression between hiragana and kanji; image of sound when singing it; and which makes a better total balance when "Utada Hikaru" comes after the song title(this is pretty important! I always care about this); etc.

Is that what's called "pickiness" . . . heheh . . . just kidding, actually I'd completely forgotten which one I chose eventually when I wrote the song title above! (lol) Haha! I rushed to look for the sample CD which I got some days ago, looked at the jacket to confirm. Yes, I chose hiragana . . . whew.

I thought it was good that I chose hiragana when I saw the completed design of the jacket. Things like this, are important.

Eh, about the contents? Well, I'll tell you next time! Adios!