Thursday, March 04, 2004

Reading your replies I found . . .

. . . quite a few questions asking me "Is it true that you are pregnant?" though I had thought nobody would take their words for it!

Ninshin nante shite nailon. (I'm not pregnant at all)

Gyahahhh! I don't know why it makes me laugh this much! Guys who laughed your heads off reading my message yesterday, you're at the top of my "add-friends" list!! (lol)

Now, about the current state of me who's finished the last day of the concerts . . . I got the flu virus at the closing party of the concerts and brought it home, then 48 hours after that I was sick running a fever of 39.4C(102.9F).

Having nightmares like "my voice doesn't get well while the recording schedule is to be resumed soon with no delay" I concentrated on getting well as soon as possible, even just 12 hours sooner(I believe it's a matter of spiritual things!!); then I got on the plane and dived back into the a-little-hard recording right away after I recovered to the level that I wouldn't infect anyone.

Seems like, the high fever blew my memory of the concerts away! (lol)

A little while ago I tried to start writing and found myself completely at a loss for what to say . . . I really wanna write some for both the people who couldn't come to see me and who could . . . give me some days for it, please!

(It's somewhat irritating that I can't use smileys once I get used to the Ke-Tai(Cell Phone) Mail)