Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Sorry for you guys waiting---!

At first I planned to write about the live concert right after it was over, but actually I've been up to my ears in the next work. I think I can have time for my mind and brain to go blank in a short while!!

By the way . . . I've done a good number of works for magazines commuting to the Toshiba EMI Building in Tameike after school and weekends since before I debuted, and the other day, for the first time, I was interviewed for a magazine not as Utada Hikaru but as Utada! That was done in early January, when the rehearsal of Hikaru no 5 was not yet started.

It wasn't until I finished the photo-shooting, changed into the plain clothes while still putting make-up on and sat down at the table facing the interviewer that I noticed this important difference(lol): Murakami-san of my office(NOTE: A female staff. Well if male I wouldn't ask help for cloth changes in the first place(lol). I guess Murakami-san is the one who sees me in underwear only more often than any of my family or boyfriends or anyone), who always stays close to me basically when doing promotional work and helps me to change clothes, was with me as always, so I finished the photo-shooting as always . . . I moved on to the interview, and then for the first time had an incongruous feeling!! I felt lonely cause Kaji-san of Toshiba EMI wasn't running his tape recorder next to me, taking notes with a worried look! (lol)

It was quite a big deal for me! Very big! Cause the person, who'd always been next or diagonally opposite to me, was completely not in the place called "interviewing place" where I'd experienced hundreds of times before! It's like someone who's been sitting around the table together for five years suddenly disappears. Okay I'm sorta exaggerating. I didn't feel lonely that much. I remember I missed Okita-san the director not being with me, not sitting on the wastebasket and fiddling at it with his toes when I started the recording of Utada's album last year.

I think I went off-topic! I didn't mean to write it this long! I've got only one! thing to tell you and started to write about it, actually.

So the magazine(ZASSHI)

What the heck is this conversion! How come it happens that every time I enter "ZASSHI" and "ZASSHI" comes up at the head of words list! Is it kidding me? Besides I was using this word many times as usual till some time ago! Well I suppose it's OK.

So the magazine(ZASSHI) - dang, how come . . . the magazine(ZASSHI) is called "NYLON JAPAN(nailon-japan)."

And you know, some time ago I was roaring with laughter imagining it would be great if a customer asked the clerk "Do you have NYLON magazine?" at the bookstore and got a reply like,

"Nailon"(we don't have it here)!

And actually they had it in stock!! Gyaahahahah! I'm laughing my head off!

It's taken me this long to tell you this little. Maybe I could've written this thinking of the live concert. (lol) Yes I will! I swear I'll write about it! I wanna write about it when I have time to sit down and relax. Ah gotta go now, see ya then!

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"nai(NAI)" ... means nothing/none. She made a pun with "nai" since "NY" part of NYLON is pronounced "nai."