Wednesday, December 31, 2003

When someone says "time flies . . .

. . . so fast" I always wonder what they compare time to. You see, they compare time to something that is not time, wonder what it is . . . is it sensory time? Or interval between events? Funny that so many people are in the habit of saying this strange expression.

Just one song can sound both slow when we are excited and very fast when in a daze after waking up . . . various kinds of things will pass through my body like that, again in 2004! All right, bring it on, year 2004!

Well before that . . . there's still one thing I left out this year . . . that's "some about Mr. Kazuo Matsui"!

Back a while ago, Kiriya-kun and I were watching TV in Tokyo and saw Mr. Matsui having an interview in a news program. Then hearing the announcer said like "Matsui Kazuo so-and-so . . ." I was surprised and said "Eh? Isn't he called Idaten san?".

As I got a strange reaction from him, I again asked him: "Huh? What? Isn't he supposed to be called Matsui Idaten san?" And . . .

. . . then Kiriya-kun stared at me with a look I've never seen before, saying "Ehhhhhhhhhhhh?????? What did you say??? What??? What the heck does Matsui Idaten mean???". He told me so with a look like he saw an alien.

I was ashamed enough to wish I were an alien from Mars when explained that the full name of Mr. Matui was not "Matsui Idaten" but "Matsui Kazuo" . . .

Errrrr I really had no idea about that---! I'd been thinking "Matsui Idaten" san was an interesting name from long ago---! What's wrong---! Wonder if I remembered it so under the impression of written words by inputting the word "KAZUO" I glanced at in a telop some years ago and the word "Idaten" I heard at that time into my brain at the same time . . . it's like, Idaten is written as "IDATEN" by kanji characters and stands for the person who is swift of foot . . . thanks to my misunderstanding I learned a new word this time!!!

That's all of my silly short story.

Am I supposed to complete year 2003 this way!? (lol)
Ciao - ! (*gets desperate*)

Oh well, I should complete it in a little better manner!

It was good I could again live through this year!
Thank you for all your support during this past year.

Lately it's been on my mind that nobody can tell what will happen in one's life. No one knows what's gonna happen . . . it means, not that we are powerless but we are free, I believe!

See you!