Saturday, November 15, 2003

Title: I always set the title at the end but reading over what I wrote I find today's one is sort of eccentric!

You know the rankings of "celebs you like," "celebs you don't like" appear on magazines once or twice a year, right? "Celebs you wanna have as your brother," "celebs you wanna have as your teacher," "celebs you wanna have as your boss" . . . it's sort of fun to read them cause I can see lots of rankings in many categories, way too many enough to make me wonder where they've found the people who answer to the questionnaire with such various items like that. And yesterday it suddenly hit me when returning home and unlocking the door - that we often see the rankings like "men that men/women want to get laid by / don't want to."(men's/women's poll for the Hottest Male and Least Hottest)

Then I wondered . . . was there any ranking like "women that you want to get laid"(women to cuddle up with)?? Or "women that you don't want to!". Or "women that women want to get laid!"(women's poll for the Hottest Babe). Er, does it sound strange?? Maybe the expression "want to gat laid" sounds too positive and a bit like sexual harassment?? Or maybe it's too rude to tell women "we don't wanna get laid by you!"?

Would be fun if there was one. Is there already one and I'm just missing it?! No I believe I haven't seen it yet . . .

"The ranking of the women to get laid by!" is just good but sort of boring cause votes will concentrate on older, elder-sister like women. "Women that women want to get laid by / don't want to" would surely be interesting, after all!

Hmm, let me see . . . I'm getting to feel that I've seen it before . . . (lol) Ah, so there is one? Is there ever?? Not sure if there was . . . if it does exist as one of well-known/popular rankings, what does this whole message stand for . . . and on top of that what's wrong with me, starting thinking in front of the entrance door, getting stuck in it a bit and thinking over things like this alone for a while tilting my neck while taking my shoes off . . . I mean, what the heck brought me to this . . . doh, this really doesn't matter at all!! (lol) Right now writing this here again I cannot help but admire its total senselessness. Oh my, what a silly message. (*  * ;)

Oh, by the way here let me supplement my last message! I've found what needs to apply three months before is not called "absentee vote" but "overseas vote" . . . that's what I can do for now. Next time I'll do it *earlier.*

It was a happy day for me, cause I read the vol. 3 of "REAL" by Mr. Takehiko Inoue! It was good that I'd been looking forward to it from the day I found the vol. 1 and 2 and got into it more than two years ago*** I prefer "REAL" to "VAGABOND."

Among the recent Japanese music, I like THE BACK HORN~.
I'll talk about foreign music next time.

Oh my, what a rambling message. (*  * ;)