Sunday, November 09, 2003

Episode: I'm so immature

Today is the first election day in Japan for me as a voter.

Kiriya-kun told me "What if Hikaru goes to vote and writes a message about it? Could be a good influence," and I was like "Makes sense!" thinking "even the people who don't like me wouldn't think like 'Okay Utada went to vote, then I don't,' but the reverse can happen! It would be nice if the people who weren't interested in election would get interested in it" . . .

Some days ago I checked how to follow the procedure of absentee vote. But . . .

. . . it turned out that I had to apply for it three months before!!!! doooohh! doooohh! doooohh!

(:D)+---| *flop*

Aw, I feel miserable. Next time for sure. I'll apply for it five or six months before, much earlier than three months---!

So are you gonna go? I'd say, in Japan election campaigns are not organized in a very smart way. From the nature of my job, I cannot help but watch these sort of things like promotional activities or campaigns from the viewpoint of those who "set them(e.g. record companies, media)," and what I wonder is: if the promotions of Japanese elections are offered in a satisfactory way, cause, something is wrong with the country where students are not excited about those kind of things, isn't it?? Generally students get most excited, next to them comes the adult society, then the guys at pubs and bars, I suppose.

Enough ranting, after all I'm the one who failed to do absentee voting. *droop*
I learned one thing, at least. (+__+) Bah, what a dork I am.