Monday, November 03, 2003

Er, is that your final answer?

The host staring at the panelist . . . tilting his head to the mysterious angle which can be taken both happy and sad . . . "Uh oh, is this Jaws the movie!?"-ish BGM being played . . . everybody thinking "It's tedious, as usual" and . . . the host still groaning . . .

. . . cutting to the commercial . . . then five months or so have gone by . . . that's not true!! (lol) (sorry this can't be laughed off)

My CDs would be thrown from all over Japan aiming at my head with full intent to murder me, if I kept you waiting for another five months.

You idiot! FACE MARK *whomp* augh!

So time is up, the answer papers to the last quiz are now closed and here I'd like to announce the correct answer!

* sA, iI, gO . . . no, kiss wa . . .
* tA, chI, dO . . . maru . . .

So the answer is "First Love"!

I've got a high rate of correct answers - maybe the hint told you too much!

The wrong answers I find are "Automatic," and a number of "Amai Wana" from the people who've got confused by lots of rhymes.

Well that means they really got trapped, literally! *giggle giggle* (aw, I know you guessed it already!(lol))

So! I thank you to all who tried the quiz with no prizes***

(NOTES by Nuuk)
"is that your final answer?" ... well-known phrase of the TV show "Who wants to be a millionaire."
"that means they really got trapped" ... "Amai Wana" means "the Sweet Trap."