Thursday, November 20, 2003

Another quiz!

Here is a quiz that only the people who read my message on 15th would know! (if you didn't, please look forward to the quiz next time)

I corrected 2 wrong characters! Can you tell where they are? The so-called error detection! Here I give you a hint again: these errors are often made as "conversion" errors. All right, here it is!

From here till the end of the message:

Title: I always set the title at the end but reading over what I wrote I find today's one is sort of eccentric!

You know the rankings of "celebs you like," "celebs you don't like" appear on magazines once or twice a year, right? "Celebs you wanna have as your brother," "celebs you wanna have as your teacher," "celebs you wanna have as your boss" . . .


. . . Oh my, what a rambling message. (*  * ;)

(NOTE by Nuuk)
She made two conversion errors (one hiragana character and one kanji character) in the Nov 15 message.