Saturday, November 22, 2003

And the answer is . . .

Hmm, well. Er, the correct answer rate was not so bad, and also many people pointed this out to me before the quiz.

1 Zasshi ni NORU (="appear on magazines")
2 Kanpuku sezaru WO en (="cannot help but admire")

Above two are the words I corrected. About 30 percent of the people answered both correctly. Huh? You say "You're not so excited now are you"? "You have an attitude problem now"? "Where did you leave your heart you had last time"? . . . You know, it's because . . . I forgot to correct one more part that had "NOTTE," and also I noticed I didn't give you a proper hint cause conversion errors wouldn't generate "OEN" . . .

Doh! In short, I'm in the mood like "I shouldn't have set a quiz that complicated!!"~~
FACE MARK Doooooooooooh

By the way, let me ask you one thing in reverse! I got a lot of wrong answers saying "Was that 'KANPUKU'??" and I wonder to which word they thought 'KANPUKU' was wrongly converted?? Seems like this is the last word to be wrongly converted, and I can't think of any puns using it . . . it was a sort of strange phenom . . . Oh no! I can't pump myself up mom! It's time to shut up shop for today, as our Draw Girl is out of condition!

PS: I got various reactions to the topic about the rankings of "Wanna get laid or not." (lol) Some people said, "That's just like you Hikaru-chan(What does it mean! Am I OK to be happy with it?)," and others turned pale saying "How come Hikaru-chan said such a thing!(Uh, I'm sorry)". I use more suggestive words in my lyrics and what's more, I talked about anything on my radio program, but I understand that sort of topic would get some people surprised if it appeared here suddenly. I'll be more careful next time!
It's tough being an idol. FACE MARK Heh-heh

Sorry! Sorry! I'm sorry! I'm not an idol! Please don't throw things at me - !

PPS: I got a question email like "What 'PS' stands for?" so here let me answer to it! It's the abbreviation for "Postscript." "Post" has plural meanings but in this case it means "after that"(such as "Post-Amuro," "Post-SPEED") and "script" represents "writings, documents or sentences." So that's why together they stand for "the words added after the main text." It's officially spelled as "P.S." since it is an abbreviation of words. Did you get it? I'm sorry again, this episode is like something that ended up not being adopted in "Trivia no Izumi."

I'm getting into the swing of things now, but it's really time to close the shop! *poof*

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Trivia no Izumi(Fountain of Trivia)" ... a Japanese popular TV show, in which the host and guest chat about the trivial knowledges sent from the audience.