Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel

. . . that would be the best phrase to describe my current state of being, probably??

The production of my album has officially started since last May. Production after production. Production while asleep(I mean it, I really start dreaming of recording or something all the time) or awake(after waking up I go to the studio!); production in Tokyo, then production in NY, in Tokyo, in NY, in Tokyo, in NY - Half a year has passed since devoting myself to the album making . . . and now I've reached the point where I can imagine its completion. Whaah. Whaah.

Hm, seems like I'll crest the last pass in New Year's Eve!! That season reminds me of the production of "First Love" album. I may be keeping the same pace as that time, too. At that time I was only 14! I started it from a while before the summer holidays and finished it after the winter holidays. Wow! That's about the same as this time around! I greeted the New Year in the studio while working and got "A Happy New Year" call from my friend who was hanging out in Roppongi . . . Wonder if this time will be the same . . . It's the New Year at the age of 20. Ack, am I still 20!?

We often use the phrase "I can see the light at the end of the tunnel" when we get to see the end in the good meaning of the word, but do we say the same as "Tonneru no mukou no hikari(the lignt at the end of the tunnel)" in Japanese? I might have heard "Tonneru no deguchi ga miete kita(I can see the exit of the tunnel)." "Mukou no hikari(the light over there)," it really sounds like a sort of *the world after death.*
Reading over the title of this message in a mood like *that* I find myself a little eccentric! (lol) I'm not supposed to see that world!

Up until now I'd casually used "light at the end of the tunnel," but for me it's easier to image "Tonneru no deguchi(the exit of the tunnel) than "Tonneru no mukou no hikari(the light at the end of the tunnel)." I wonder why . . . For example, there's this song called "Hikari," I mean my song. It has the verses that go like this: shizuka ni deguchi ni tatte(standing quietly at the exit)/kurayami ni hikari wo ute(shoot the light in the dark). It may not be the light but darkness that awaits me ahead of the exit. I feel that the deep darkness will take my breath away after I go through this tunnel.

Does that sound negative? It's more like a view that has no direction, no sound and no wind, no time and no breath, than something like "Hikari ga nai(no light)." I feel myself moving somewhere like that by way of tunnel. I rather think there would be more light in the tunnel as it has dim lightings. Actually I really love to go through the tunnels!! The longer the tunnel, the more I am excited to run through it by car and the easier I feel as well. (Come to think of it, I was the sort of kid who had to put the comforter over my head completely to sleep . . . )

The Universe?? Am I heading for the Universe?? (lol)

That means, the completion of this album doesn't seem like the end of the tunnel! How long does this tunnel last! Wonder if I'll dash through it as long as I live . . .