Thursday, November 21, 2002


Oops, I've just clicked the Submit button after entered only the title!
The alert "Input Error" was displayed and then I could go back to the "Post New Message" page so it was ok but I was scared for a second!

Once in a while I find some of your mails saying like "I spent a fairly long time writing my name, address and message, then pressed the Enter key by mistake and submitted them as half-done!!" or "Everything disappeared after an alert like 'Input numbers in half size' was displayed(sob)."
That really gets us down, you know first of all we become tense enough when writing to someone famous(to tell the truth I myself have a bitter memory of pressing something wrong and deleting all, while writing a fan mail to Mr. Hidetoshi Nakata, the football player! (lol))

All right let's go on to the main subject!
I finished the song - !
Actually I finished it right before recording vocals after all, 'cause "a big war to rewrite the lyrics talking to myself," which was like hell, broke out in my inner world and I fought over it for 4 days after I posted a message here something like "I could finish it off a bit earlier than usual~(*with a proud look*)! Yahoo!". . .
Finishing the first version early taught me how to reach this final version!
Please look forward to it!

Okay that's the end of the main subject!

So does it mean today's title has nothing to do with the main subject? (lol)
Just one thing I thought of when writing the title was . . . I like the latest SBK(ex-"Skebo King").
Or maybe I could say I've liked SHIGEO-san for a long time.
I'm even seriously considering changing my music production software from Digital Performer to Logic after having read an article in "Sound&Recording" magazine saying he uses the OSX version of Logic. (lol)
I'm pretty sure the fans of mine who had been listening to my radio programs are already familiar to this story!

All right, got it, now what is "TGS"??

TGS means, of course,

"Tasogare Seibei"! it means Tasogare Seibei!

TasoGare Se~be~!!!
(Sorry I may be straining this too much(lol))

Well, at first I went to the movie to see beautiful Miyazawa Rie san and ended up crying at the simple story which treasured only what deserved to be treasured.
It has some really good messages in it.
(Does this sound like nothing more than a publicity stunt?)

It was good to see it in the movies, but I thought my heart would be warmed and healed surprisingly well if I dropped in at a rental video shop after work, somehow rented this movie without any prior knowledge and saw it in my pajamas at home.
(I wonder if I'm promoting this movie or keeping you away from the movies(lol))

And yes, one more thing!
I saw Prince (or the artist formerly known as that?? Err whatever, I have no idea about it! Sorry!) yesterday in concert at Budokan!!
I say he's a real cool guy! Definitely deserves to be called a star!!

Ah, once I start writing I keep finding more things to write about . . . you know, his band's drummer is THAT John, who beat his drum for me on Bohemian Summer tour!!
John has not only the top-flight drumming skills but also his own unique timbre . . .
For me his drumming is still the sign to call me up on the stage, and I was filled with wild jealousy thinking "Oh no, why is Prince singing!? That drum fill is the sign to call me back onto the stage after changing clothes to sing Automatic!" while fascinated by Prince's singing voice and guitar playing as well!
Mr. Kawano who was the band master (+ keyboards) was watching the show together with me, so I missed my tour all the more!!

I really wanna do a live concert~!
It is too impossible due to the matter of time to schedule a tour from now, but actually I'm planning something . . . hehehe!

Just you wait, Prince!
Just kidding! (lol)

I'll announce it soon so keep coming backstar

Hehehe (grinning to myself)