Saturday, November 30, 2002

You are me and I am you ?

Last week I caught cold and rested at home. There was two days off and I was thinking like "isn't now the only chance to catch cold... ?" and I was successful eventually. (lol) And I managed to get well within those two days !
It's already a past talk...

In the evening when I was quiet with cold some murder cases were taken up by the news.

We don't get shocked so much at most of the murder case news these days, only feel a bit sad, right? There may be the people who don't even feel sad if they hear someone is killed somewhere in the distance.
I was using my personal computer at that time and did not concentrate so much on the news, until I heard the last word.
"It is said that Mr/Ms so and so - attacked at the house - was absent from work with cold, and he/she was at home today."

At the moment I had a feeling, like a lonely sense of closeness, to him/her. This might not be a proper expression - lonely sense of closeness - but it's not that "sadness" what I felt was.
It was strange but I felt like I was the person and the person was me!
I thought what separated us human beings was our own "consciousness" and the fact we were not surprised even if we saw the mirror, unlike other animals.

The substance which builds our body is always mixed with air or water, circulates through various living things and human beings - and plus/minus ions everywhere are flying with great speed, jump from my nerve to the elevator button and get me surprised...
We are like sharing cells, proteins of our bodies or everything with each other in the long run, aren't we !?

We can feel energy flows out of one person into the other person at both directions, when we take someone by the hand or put each other's body together !
Don't you sometimes feel like you might have exchanged the electricity which runs through brain cells and nerves, when you talk with someone about deep things for
a long while ? (No??)

If going beyond material stuffs don't you sometimes wonder what that mysterious feeling of relation is, when your eyes happen to meet someone's, for example on the street ?

We are merely covered with one membrane called skin - which is thin and easy to be torn.
I feel like everything is one thing.

That might be "the opposite of solitude"!

Would you remember here I asked you like "What's the opposite of solitude?" long ago?
Today I wrote the continuation of that message.

Talk to you soon !!