Sunday, September 15, 2002

I've passed through one week so far...

I haven't divorced yet (laugh)

Oh! I'm really grateful to my friends and people who I didn't expect for giving me so many words of blessing. Thank you!! Some fans are having romantic concerns, like that I am too happy to make songs in the same way as before, and there are fans that want to congratulate me, but have mixed feelings like "somehow complicated" or "lonely"... Come on! I won't change at all! I face my job and my productions with a very strong sense of work, professional sense, artisan sense. Delivering a document to the ward office doesn't mean anything will change, everyone will naturally do the same, sooner or later.

I don't write lyrics based on my real life, so I think you won't see a clear change suddenly, even in my lyrics. So there's no point in looking for changes in my lyrics (laugh) Because lyrics are poems... So if we listen connecting them to the reality, the enjoyment reducts by half!

I'm often said that marriage is the "goal", but I think it's actually the real "start" (sorry about the lack of dream (laugh)) I feel like I've been finally qualified, and the real match will begin from now! This may seem like "getting married out of the blue" from your side and it may be the reason why some of you are worried about me, but actually I had this in my mind since long time and made a calm decision on it. Trust me a little morestar

It was written in a weekly magazine that I'm repeatedly entering and leaving hospital, but I'm not, so don't worry about my physical conditions. A tumor in the ovary (in my case, hereditary) isn't a serious illness and I'm not thinking about making a baby now. This will be on a distant future! When this time comes, I will make a baby-making declaration, as an apology for having surprised everyone with the sudden marriage announcement (laugh)

By the way, recently I got addicted to cappuccino, even more than coffee!! I'm drinking so much that people around me is saying I'm strange!! By all means, isn't the first impression really important? When I drank it for the first time, I thought it was the taste of clouds that I had imagined when I was a child! It seems to be the clouds itself by its appearance or taste, and I felt it would be bitter because of the pollution of the clouds in the city's sky. The bitterness of cappuccino was exactly, just like I had imagined! And now I like it so much that I drink it down in a single draft.

And, I saw a discussion about the lyrics during the fade out of the song ASAP that is recorded in the album, being developed in a fan site managed by a fan!
I think I haven't ever talked about parts of lyrics that aren't printed on the lyrics card, but let me tell you only this one!

The correct answer is...
Aitai toki ni kimi wa inai (When I want to see you, you aren't there)
Nakitai toki wa enryo shinai (When I want to cry, I won't hold back)

I love this part, so I wanted to tell it at any cost!

Well then... see you!

credits to Samurai @ HikkiCentral who originally translated this message.