Monday, September 02, 2002


The title is not a mojibake (unintelligible sequence of japanese characters (laugh))
Well, this morning, I made one and a half cup of coffe with the coffe-maker as usual, and thinking about how good it was to be living one more day, I took my lips to the mug and at the moment that I loaded the fresh coffee into my mouth...

"What's this?! It tastes so bad!"

I thought to myself, thinking like spouting it.

"Huh? What unpleasant flavor is this? This cant't be called delicious by any standard"
I overhastly suspected Star Bucks (coffee company)... (yeah, because recently there were many troubles involving foodstuffs...)

... then I realized that I had just brushed my teeth! It seems that the combination of tooth flowder and coffee wasn't very good (laugh) Excuse me! After some time it became really delicious! -- to Star Backs

And didn't I say that I'm looking for my favorite coffee beans? The one I like more at the moment is the most popular one, called "House Brand"... It's a very normal (common) one! (laugh) Yeah, but I said the last time that "normal" is a good thing.

Yeah, maybe this story doesn't have a punch line.

as I thought,
I don't have any idea (laugh)! Well, see you!

credits to Samurai @ HikkiCentral who originally translated this message.
(NOTE by Samurai)
"Hamigakikoohii" ... she made a pun using the words hamigakiko(tooth flowder) and koohii(coffee).