Tuesday, August 27, 2002


Don't you feel a little bit nervous when someone suddenly wave the hand for you on a live broadcasted show? (Thank you very much for lending me your brother last year for the live show Unplugged)

Well, all of you who came to my store! D-did you see the first half of Deep River?? (I'm really sorry that it hasn't been aired at some areas! Wouldn't it be great if they broadcasted that program in which those lots of cute girls appearing??) Oh, yeah! Maybe I've already received e-mails from those who watched it! Then it means I have to check them first, right?? (laugh) Hold on, I'm gonna read them now.

Er... Thanks! (What lack of presence! (laugh) But about 50 minutes have passed) It seems to be pleasing everyone! There is a lot of people that felt the keyword "Itonami (work, life)" even by watching only the first half. I think everyone of the staff who is involved in this production will be glad to hear this! However, the real match will not be over until you watch it to the end! Please, look forward!

A reporter said that there is some secret in UH3+, right?

W-w-what?? What secret???

Is it secret even for me, Utada? No, it's not, is it?

What could it be...? Oh, I heard something like that from the evening news and I received a lot of e-mails asking me "What is the secret"?...

(Pishi! (Sound of my spine being frozen over)) (N-n-n-n, no, no, it would never be that... This "secret" is not that "prose poem at the beginning" thing that I wrote about, the day before yesterday, right? Right? Hello, everyone of the promotion staff... I've never been told about such thing, right? Right?? We have been sweating blood together for long four years and you may say there was a tacit understanding, but it's not unfriendly of you, right? Right??)

... well, I will investigate (laugh) (I mean... (cry))

And to every reporter, among ordinary news, a headline like

"Utada tighted the mawashi (Sumo loincloth) again"

is not good.... (laugh) (I mean, this is also a little bit (cry))

credits to Samurai @ HikkiCentral who originally translated this message.
(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Pishi!" ... sound something like "Snap!"