Friday, April 19, 2002

Wow! Toshiba design team did a great job!

They've renewed this site before I knew it! And the basic colors are changed to pink and white. Aren't these the fashionable colors of the season?? That's cool! Looks smart!

So, you wonder, what the structure of the white cloth I wear on my latest photos and cover picture of "SAKURA Drops" shown at the New Releases section is?? Well even I, who put it on while shooting, have almost no idea(lol) - ask about it to COMME des GARCONS please!! That collar looks great, doesn't it?? See, that's the color the guy who said "open Japan to the world " wore. Yes it's Mr. Perry, Mr. Perry! The collar is formally called as "Van Dyke Collar." I heard my mom, Keiko Fuji was praised for her beauty with the nickname of "Woman who deserves close-ups", so please call me "Woman who deserves Van Dyke Collars" from now on! (Just kidding! Please don't call me like that! (lol)) We imaged a handsome boy like Shiro Amakusa. It has a good balance with the *tune.*

SAKURA Drops, when you hear it briefly it might give you a slightly different impression from the theme I intended. (but that might be also what I intended!) The word SAKURA reminds us of something like springtime, but actually it is the song of early summer. And though a "woman" appears in the song, I got a part of inspiration from a fighting manga for boys(lol). I think all the women have - somewhere in their minds - certain aspects of temperament and unexpectedness, which are charming, or somewhat close to anger, or sometimes like those of adolescents; I meant to describe the aspects like that. I guess soon you'll have more opportunity to hear it and the more you listen to the song or read the lyrics the more different interpretation you might get to have on it, just like I and the production team had. Once I heard that perfumes change their smells uniquely depending on the person's skin or constitution as they merge into the skin little by little(why do I, a perfume-hater, know such things??), and I'd like the song to vary its color inside each one who listens to it, just like *perfumes.*

And "Letters," this belongs to Utada's new genre and I'm happy to name the genre "Kouha Roman(die-hard romanticism)"(lol). The lyrics make me imagine something like that.

By the way this work is good!!! Very good! Sometimes I feel myself shortening my own life a little because of the severe ups and downs of emotions, but you know, it's so important to heat myself up for the work! Sometimes I concentrate on writing music, and sometimes I get hooked into writing lyrics; after the days of modest working comes the days of consecutive promotions. Now I'm writing the last lyrics, reading Junichiro Tanizaki's "Bunshou Dokuhon(A Style Reader)" the engineer Goh-san gave me and getting excited with "sentences"; I look messy and my hair is wild now. I'll clean myself up a little by the time I start working for TVs and magazines next week. (lol)

I thought of the reason why craftsmen and cooks are way cool, and found it's because we can see "what they do," in other words "their works" clearly! Like "I'm making ramen!" I think there is a certain difference between a kid who grows up without knowing what his/her parents' work really is and who can clearly say "my dad built this iron bridge!". The work our kids can actually feel is pretty neat, even if it's not huge or touchable. It's not that the work should be something which can be left materially; I think it's up to each person's attitude if their work can leave a sort of actual feeling in the end, no matter what occupation they have, an accountant, information clerk or whatever. I grew up watching my mom on the stage, touching costumes or jewelry when she hardly came home and it made me miss her. . . I did sense her feelings, no matter which I could see her or not.
I wanna be a worker just like that!!!

Thank you for your every good support, Toshiba design team!
And those who became a new member of society, please do good work!
(I'm your senior by 3 and a half years as a member of society! heheh! )
Good luck!!

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Shiro Amakusa" ... the leader of the resistance called "Shimabara no Ran(Resistance in Shimabara)" in 1637. It is said he was a very young and beautiful boy.