Friday, April 19, 2002

P.S.! (Please read my previous message first!)

Okay, so you remember I wrote about "good work" around the end of my previous message, right?
Somehow I couldn't sit still, so I was vacuuming up till now(after that shocking-dish-washing "Hikari" PV comes vacuum-cleaning PV?! Hey is that for "SAKURA Drops"? Just kidding(lol)). And then I got it! Thinking that vacuuming really made me realize how much effort I put into cleaning up the room, I found myself struggling with the big vacuum cleaner with all my might. In my previous message I wrote like it's pretty cool if people around us or our family can actually feel the work we are doing; that is, what's important is how much we can realize our own work and how much power we can pour into it . . . it's just a simple thing but I think I'd forgotten it for a while . . . well that's all I wanted to tell you for now!

Talk to you later!