Thursday, April 18, 2002


"Letters" has been on the air since last week and I heard it's got powerplay!!

I was both happy and surprised as "Hikari" did very well on the radio and sold more than I thought it would(yeah I was really thinking of that song like "I bet this won't sell well" as always!(lol)), but as for "Letters", I really really love this song!!!

I'm so moved!!! face mark

Every time someone asks me "say that Docomo-CM song sounds very good, what's that? You don't cut it as a single?", I feel happy and my heart dances with joy! Right now Utada's heart is pounding like it's on the dance floor!!
"Letters" is the coupling song for "SAKURA Drops" and actually I prefer this one. (lol) It's worth a *check* - it may sound a bit strange I myself say this, though.

I'm getting reports like this from Kaji-san, by email full of joy!
It makes me so *happy*, hehe!!
Making my album, it's really arriving at the climax.
I can't make it if I can't finish all the recordings by (April) 22nd.
Oh my, this really gets me!
face mark Ha ha ha ha !

(Why am I using so many smileys??)

I'm so sooooorry for not writing for a while! Recently I've got an 8Mb connection of ADSL, and as I'm so happy with the connection speed I cannot help but surf around the net to no purpose. . . (maybe I gave in to temptation too easily!) You know, a couple of days ago I went to amazon's site(where we can get stuffs like CDs, books and more) and found my 3rd album already listed in the pre-order CD ranking as "(not yet titled)"!!! Then I felt a sense of guilt, as if someone spotted me doing something evil. . . (lol) I've got to finish the album soon!! I'm almost reaching the end - hope you'll like it.

I bet I'll be back here later to write this and that for a change. . .