Monday, March 04, 2002

Do you guys do this too??

Recently, when I was in a great hurry to prepare for going out getting to be late for something(was that right before I went to the Prime Minister's official residence??), I did something out of habit while I was in an extreme hurry . . .

That is, I squeezed too much shampoo from the tube.
Then I thought like "oops that's way too much" and pressed the tube to lower the pressure inside, put the mouth of the tube to the shampoo in my hand and stopped pressing to let the shampoo back into the tube . . . (Get it??) Do you guys do this too??
I've always done it this way when I squeezed too much body lotion, shampoo or whatever packed in tubes for 19 years till now and I can imagine all human beings would be doing it that way, but . . .
But! A question occurred to me like "am I a sort of thrifty person??" when I found myself putting the shampoo carefully back into the tube, while I was in a big hurry not to be late to meet Mr. Prime Minister and Mr. President.

So I just wondered if you'd do it that way too, even in a hurry.

Well, now I'll think up the lyrics to the English version of "Hikari"(seems like it will be used for some countries since it'll be the theme song of the game to be sold worldwide)!