Thursday, March 14, 2002

(No title, just let my thoughts go)

Say we're living in a great time, indeed! Thanks for everyone who sent replies to my simple question so quickly!! Seems like all you guys do it that way too - I'm relieved. This would be a sort of tiny, but important communication. I really feel like we're linking with each other.

So!!! Has the PV of "Hikari" been aired on TV yet?? (and the release date is really coming closer now, isn't it??) Have you already seen it?? I'm really looking forward to hearing your impressions!! What do you think of it?? I think it, Mr.PV, is excellent!! I wonder if you'd be surprised. I'm happy if you'll be surprised. 'Cause, my last PV was "traveling", the previous one of that was "Final Distance"(or was that "FINAL DISTANCE"?? I always get picky when deciding how to spell the titles, but . . . err . . . I forgot which it was(lol) It's just slipped my memory!) and before that was "Can you keep a secret?", right? These PVs are really complex, making the most of computer graphics and I went to space or another world and played with a robot in them. Those who have seen these PVs would expect they could find my latest PV exciting again. Well . . . I made it!!! It's like, "You did what we couldn't imagine, Utada!" As far as I looked around my fan sites, it has a favorable reception so far!!! But I guess most of you haven't seen it yet, so I'll wait for your comments calmly! *Heh-heh*

By the way here I have one thing to tell you . . . I heard the DVDs of "traveling" are hitting stores, getting taken out with a rush!! Thank you for buying them!! That makes me really happy, 'cause in Japan we have very few chances to show PVs, while we put our whole heart and soul into making the PV. I think it's a big problem for both Japanese music scene and graphic scene, that music channels haven't been popular. I'm sorry for not releasing the single as the DVD format from the first! If only we could release DVDs instead of CDs to the market from the first . . . or CD players could detect the sound data of DVDs. It will come true in the near future, as time never stops!

Speaking of time, today I went shopping at ITO-YA in Ginza for the first time and it totally blew me away. What on earth are those amazingly plenty of pens and erasers?! I thought like "hey, do they really need to stock such various kinds of goods?" I make it a rule to use up a pen I like entirely when I write lyrics - not to break the flow of my thoughts off. So it's very important for me to find out a pen I like. I marched into the Pens Department and guess what, I saw this selling space as large as the soft drink shelves at convenience stores, and wide selection of goods which deserved the space!! It took a pretty long time to choose one since it was a really important thing for me, which could be a matter of life and death. I wonder if everyone is not so picky about choosing a pen . . . then we don't need such a various types of pens like that, do we? All of us are picky about choosing what to get after all, I guess. I learned that "to choose" could be the biggest suffering of today's people.

Hey this is really getting to be an ordinary diary, isn't it?? (lol)