Monday, October 22, 2001

It's only a paper, but it's a sincere paper

(I'm so sad! I've just had a compulsory shutdown on my pc and my message is gone just before uploading-! Damn my pc! I don't give up! Let's write it again . . . )

Yes! Messages for 2-days consecutive! Surprised, huh? Actually I was planning to write a message with the title "Mangos and Papayas" for today, but I've got another thing to tell you. Guess what, Utada Hikaru & Toshiba-EMI staffs finally published a free paper magazine, a real cool one! It will be placed in CD stores or anywhere else and can be taken home for free. Or have you already seen it? Please please take it in your hands if you see a bunch of them titled "UTADA MAG vol1" around the counter! (I'm shooting a beam of "please take me with you *heart*" from my eyes on the cover(lol)) You know, it's free♪ Nothing to lose♪ Er, can it be lost actually? . . . It's OK!!

The chief editor is *Mr. Nozomu Kaji* of Toshiba-EMI, our idol. His self-portrait manga is a big fun! Also Okita-san, director, writes a funny serial column which is very popular among me! This time I wasn't able to participate in the editing as I was too late, but I, who was the chief editor of the class newspaper when in junior high, got excited like "please let me do something for it~! I wanna make it with you all!" once I read the 1st issue. My super hand-made page will start from the next issue so please check it out! Also from the next issue the paper will have a nickname "UTA-MAGA" and its logo is hand written by me as well! Am I getting too excited??

To make and distribute a free paper, means of course, the staffs concerned work for free of charge in a sense, but we put our emotions in it all the more because it's free - we'll issue it every month for half a year, so please keep your eyes on us~!

From Utada, who tends to call Kaji-san "Chief Editor" lately♪
(are Mangos and Papayas still on your mind?)