Saturday, October 20, 2001

To which do you attach more importance: outer appearance or inner beauty?

I finished the photo shooting for the jacket a couple of days ago and we are now putting the final touch on it! Huh? "Then tell us now what the photo looks like"? "Is it a sort of 'close-up☆shots' again?" No no no guys, don't sell me short, you'll see a new Utada you've never seen before on the single cover this time!!! The director, Okita-san, was saying like "but . . . say this is so Hikaru, isn't it" so it is, in a sense, more close to the ordinary me. You know what, this time Hikki is putting on the custom-made plastic. (it's a little weird to say "Hikki" myself even if it's intentional!) Well, that's all I can tell you now . . . heh. (I'd like to give myself airs once in a while, you know☆) I'm "traveling" OK!

The package of "MTV UNPLUGGED" which is to be released both as DVD and VHS copies on the 28th(same day as "traveling") has already been completed, and it is so damn cute! It's like, how can I explain it . . . let's see . . . something like "peeping in"!!! Aw, obviously this can't be helpful at all! Sorry but please look forward to it as well.

The reason why I can take a look at the photos and packages, which are still on the trial process, is that designer people or staffs concerned are kind enough to bring them to me for checking while I'm doing recordings everyday in the studio☆ Actually that's the moment I'm always looking for, to take a good rest from recordings. Watching people in the other section are steadily doing their best to do their best work makes me think I gotta keep up with them in the field of music. When we judge someone's humanity, we often do it alternatively on the basis of which we attach more importance to - outer things such as faces and figures or inner spiritual things . . . but it's not a matter of which we should choose, is it?? Both can't be separated from each other and both are equally important, I think. Both are good is the best☆ (it's just greedy isn't it?(lol))

Making music, creating packages and visual images for delivering music to you, all of them are stimulating each other to advance☆