Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Urashima Hikaru

Aaaaaaaagghhhhh is it really true that 5 weeks has passed since my last message???
For me last month and more flew by incredibly fast . . . anyways, long time no see again. I really feel like Urashima Taro! It's like, the time of the external world passed by rapidly while I was stuck in the studio. Huh? Wait a minute, does that mean . . . less than a month left till Christmas??? Woow that's so soon! Around this time last year I was writing the lyrics for "Can You Keep A Secret" desperately~.

The message started off with a small talk like this and now it's time to move on to the main subject . . . is it OK to talk about that loooooooong awaited "Mangos and Papayas"??? Did you forget about it already??? Or have you been thinking about it without a wink of sleep for these 5 weeks??? Oh my, I didn't mean to be away this long . . . and on top of that it's really not a big deal! It's just, the other day I tried a mango for the first time in my life, loved it very very much, and noticed I had been taking papayas for mangos until then. So I started asking people around me which was which and found many people had been mixing them up or got confused once they started thinking about it. You see, you over there, can you tell it to me now??

. . . . Eeeeeeeek forgive me!! That's all of the story!

Please forgive me, I really really promise I'll write soon and won't be away this long next time!

(」 ̄▽ ̄) heh heh (just kidding, I really regret having been away!)

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Urashima Taro" ... a well-known Japanese folk tale. Urashima - a fisherman - visits the Palace of the Sea God (Ryuuguu Jou) led by a turtle and upon his return home he finds so many decades passed over the sea while he spent just a few days under the sea.