Friday, June 29, 2001

Madam! When will the manuscript be completed!

I won't be surprised if I get a call now like "Ms. Utada! Are you really sure you can make it by the day after tomorrow, the deadline??" . . .
Right now I'm trying to write up a song by the recording, which is to be the day after tomorrow. Whining "Waaagh, No no no I can't finish it~~~" I snapped the TV on (seems like I still have time to spare, huh??) and you know what, what I saw on the channel? It was the show that the three guys of Coming Century were working hard on writing songs!! Oh, the show has just ended. Well, anyway what a great coincidence! Okada-kun whom I only met for a moment in "Utaban" was holding a guitar and they were trying to write songs together. I say I wanna that PC software called "Rakuraku Sakkyoku Meijin 2 (Songwriting Master 2)" too~!! In short, that software can automatically add chords to the melody just by humming it without the knowledge of chords . . . hm . . . sounds good. But after all it's of no use to me since the melodies don't pop into my head unless I decide chord progression first. Hey Utada, don't count on its support! (lol) And first of all you have no time to watch TV now~! (My eyes were glued to the TV as I saw Okada-kun after a long time and thought Wow . . . Toshiba-san please forgive me, I'm just a girl before a songwriter, no matter how close the deadline gets or whatever!)
Oh, and I just got a call from a friend of mine asking me to go out . . . Why do the people put so much layered temptations on me now, of all times! Well, it happens I guess. All right, let's get dressed and go out for . . . No no no!! Come on! (lol) Get serious. Now I resume writing the song!! I wanna start making the duet song I talked about in Nishikawa-san's radio program the day before yesterday, as soon as I finish this current song!

Here we go!!