Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Good bye, Ms. LISA! (sob)

Last night I appeared on a radio program after a long time!
My heart pounded all the harder as it was a live show! And what's more, I finally met Ms. LISA of m-flo, my senior at High School, and I had a great time working with her, or rather, enjoyed this work enough to forget that it was a business! Did anyone listen to it?? It was the last airing of LISA's show and we were so excited throughout the show. Oh yes, and this morning when I woke up and was reading entertainment gossips on the web (I really tend to do this) checking e-mails at the same time, I found an article saying like "Utada Hikaru finally to introduce her 'FINAL DISTANCE' on radio!" and I was surprised like "Huh?? Was that right? Did I already show that song??" What I actually played were two remixes of DISTANCE and I haven't let the radios play FINAL DISTANCE yet, so I was relieved a little bit realizing that the article was just wrong, but anyway it was indeed a false alarm in the morning! At first I was embarrassed cause I thought I was so excited to appear on the live radio show and meet LISA that I couldn't help but play it! (lol)

I'm gonna appear on various forthcoming radio shows! Tonight I'll be on Nishikawa-san's show! It's a live show! And oops, I'm gonna be late for it!! Gotta go now!!
Talk to you later - !

(NOTE by Nuuk)
"Nishikawa-san" ... Takanori Nishikawa, a Japanese male musician. Also known as "T.M.Revolution."