Saturday, July 07, 2001

FINAL DISTANCE makes a move

Some of you may worry about me as I've left a few days blank after my last message like that - "Maybe Toshiba EMI got furious with Hikaru-chan for not having finished the song, and did her things like this or that . . ." actually that didn't happen to me and I've finished demo recording as planned! Although its completion is still very far, I think it's going to be a real good song☆

And what I've been doing these last few days is . . . shooting the PV of FINAL DISTANCE for two days in Yokohama! "What is it like?" Well you know, this video is off the hook. It's gonna be a really great one cause I touched a real sheep for the first time, at the back of the set. Huh, you say "What the heck is that??"? It's hard to say now what it will be like in the end as the editing process is just going to start, but I assure you it will be something quite good without doubt. This time I made this song giving as much weight to the message of the images as to the song itself. So far, making music and making visual images after I finish making music, had been completely different works for me; but this time the song and its visual images were made almost simultaneously reflecting each other in unison, from the aspect of scheduling. I also did the recording of the song imagining its visual images. That was the first time experience for me. As a result, it's likely the PV is gonna be something that synchronizes with the song itself naturally more than ever. It's like, the song and visual imagery make one piece of work. Well seeing is believing! Look forward to it~!!

In addition the 5th of July, which was day two of the PV shooting, was also my mom's birthday! After the shooting was over we celebrated her birthday together with many staff, with both the feelings of "Happy Birthday!" and "Thanks for all your hard work!" loudly like ( ^0^)/□☆□\(~▽~ ) Cheeeeers!! It was so nice♪

Come to think of it, my previous PV was taken exactly on my birthday as well . . . it's probably because EMI had arranged it so?? If so I very much appreciate their warm concern . . . no, it must be just a coincidence! Well but I can't tell if something might happen or not on July 21, my dad's birthday . . . ??